“I’m very pleased with choosing Dr Su for my arm liposuction.”

I’m very pleased with choosing Dr Su for my arm liposuction. He’s very knowledgeable and friendly. The clinic’s look and feel is cozy, inviting and very clean. The nurses are so caring and super professional. They cleared all my doubts and the follow-up emails are very reassuring to manage my healing process. The procedure went much better than I expected with no complications. I’m amazed that I’m pain free after two days of the procedure. I highly recommend Dr Su and the celebrity arms liposuction.

– by T.H.

“I am 4 days post op and feeling fantastic. Dr Su performed his trademarked celebrity arms, and I am thrilled with the results.”

I am 4 days post op and feeling fantastic. Dr Su performed his trademarked celebrity arms, and I am thrilled with the results. He and the staff were kind, patient and professional. Angie was the nurse who assisted Dr. Su during my procedure and she couldn’t have been more accommodating. Nicole was great to answer my questions via email prior to my surgery. The entire process was pleasant, and everything was explained to me with realistic expectations. I highly recommend this skilled doctor.

– by L.K.

“I was a bit nervous the morning of surgery, Dr.Su’s assistant Carrie went over step by step on what to expect during the procedure (celebrity arms ) she was very kind and helpful.”

I was a bit nervous the morning of surgery, Dr.Su’s assistant Carrie went over step by step on what to expect during the procedure (celebrity arms ) she was very kind and helpful. I met with Dr Su he answered all my questions and put my mind to ease. I was Excited and looking forward to the final results. During the entire procedure Dr. Su & Carrie made sure I was comfortable , they both made me feel very safe and at ease . About 3 1/2 hours out procedure was done and I was thrilled to see my results my arms no longer had a bulge of fat on the outside of upper arms and I did not have that hanging skin I was excited ?? , that procedure was done on a Tuesday that following Thursday I came back in for lipo of the back , hips, waist ,Dr Su assistant Lynn assisted me during this procedure and she was just as wonderful as Carrie . Dr. Su did an amazing job I had lipo done in the back and arms in January 2016 by another doctor but did not get the results I wanted, after seeing myself in the mirror I can actually see a big difference i know that once the swelling goes down I will not only feel but look my best I am so glad that I made the decision to come to Dr .Su I did have to travel a ways from home but it was well worth it ! My husband that has never done or ever considered doing surgery has scheduled his first Lipo.Dr.Su is & he’s staff we’re awesome …

– by A.H.

“As an out of state patient I was very impressed with the support in planning, prepping, and recovery!”

As an out of state patient I was very impressed with the support in planning, prepping, and recovery! Support staff were amazing from Nicole, Lynette, and Angie…all were professional, uplifting, and extremely organized. Dr. Su was top notch with his arm procedure and even went above and beyond when I mentioned a little trouble area I wanted to fixed but we hadn’t planned on. I can’t thank this team enough! I whole heartily recommend Artlipo for their Lipo needs and more!

– by M.W.

“My experience at Artlipo was a terrific one.”

My experience at Artlipo was a terrific one. All I can say is that if you are looking to do liposuction on your arms don’t waste your time looking because Dr. Su is the one!!! He is an expertise in this area. His staff, Angie, Lynn, Ashley, and Lynette were great assisting me and walking me through the process and most of all, I felt comfortable and they took very good care of me. Thank you Dr. Su and staff!!

– by R.M.


I GOT MY BODY BACK! To others considering surgery with Dr. Su, I had outer thighs, love handles, and Celebrity Arms(TM) surgery completed. Here are my first impressions (5 days after the surgery). As a nuclear physicist, I tend to be particular, especially when it comes to my body. As Dr. Su was performing my surgery, I was thinking to myself, “I could not believe that the only one in the world that can do interactive lipo is performing that surgery on me.” Being able to see how my parts looked standing up instead of laying down gave him the chance to fine tune bulges that may have remained. That is impossible with traditional lipo in which you have general anesthesia and you and the doctor have no idea of the final result until well after the surgery and the wraps come off. When Dr. Su stands you up during the surgery, he asks you, “What do you think? What is your preference?” Being able to compare results immediately left side to right side is magnificent. The pain was way less than I expected. Really the only uncomfortable part was the initial lidocaine administered. After that, you feel little to no pain. Dr. Su, you are a living Michelangelo, and yet you are so humble, down to earth. Prior to my surgery, I had watched the intro in your video at least a couple times. This is where you explain about your art background and how this helps you in your surgery. But until I actually watched you work, I did not fully understand the video or realize how important that was and just what an artist you are. In particular, I think your experience in sculpture especially contributes to your skill and success. Dr. Su, it was so apparent to me that your top priority was my health and welfare. Second only to my safety, you looked foremost for my best benefits of the procedure. You actually cancelled unnecessary work that others may have tried to convince me to go ahead and do. Thank you. The results were well beyond what I initially expected. Thank you Dr. Su for giving me my body back! Sincerely, Susie PS Congratulations on just obtaining a trademark for your amazing Celebrity Arms(TM) procedure. Another honor to your long list.

– by S.M.

“I had celebrity arms done 3 days ago.”

I had celebrity arms done 3 days ago. I will be 62 years old in June. I now have the arms of a 30 year old. I do have a little extra skin in the arm pit but I was told that in advance and accept that trade off for my sculpted arms now. The staff and Dr. Su were all so down to earth and made me feel pampered all the way from initial consult to post op care. I am an out of town patient and they made the whole experience seamless. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Su and his partner, Dr. Gruber. Lynn the nurse had me cracking up during the procedure. I plan to go back soon to get my knees done, once I save up the money. Excellent experience.

– by A.O.

“Dr. Su and his staff are very professional and kind.”

Written on December 28, 2016

Dr. Su and his staff are very professional and kind. I love the results of my arms, they look amazing. I can not say enough great things, I actually started to tear up right after the procedure because they looked so great. As we age fat starts to deposit in areas you never would think they would, so even with exercise and healthy diet I had pesky arm fat deposits. This procedure changed my life in so many positive ways. I am sleeveless all the time now and get so many compliments and have been asked what are you doing different. I am finally telling my friends I had this procedure, they are obsessed with my results. My arms look like I just left the gym. Thank you again for my amazing results. I would recommend Dr. Su, he is a true body artist….

– by Denise Ahmed

“Amazing is the word that comes to my mind when I think of Dr. su and his staff.”

Amazing is the word that comes to my mind when I think of Dr. su and his staff. They are so compassionate and professional. I saw my results immediately as I was stood up in front of the mirror between arms. I am really just amazed on the outcome and compassion of the entire experience. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you …Dr. su brought tears of joy to my eyes. I would recommend everyone to him. I am his biggest cheerleader.

– by D.A.

“I can say enough about Dr. Su and his nurse Lynn!!”

I can say enough about Dr. Su and his nurse Lynn!! They were wonderful, they havea way about them that makes you feel like you have known them forever. Dr. Su was so great in helping me to visualize what he would actually be able to accomplish with my body type through my pictures and from our presursery consultation. Dr. Su is so talented, my arm came out so much better than I even expected! The Artlipo staff were so much fun and always a great help! Everyone does an amazing job to make you feel special and like your their only patient. My overall experience was amazing!

– by L.B.

“Dr. Su did an amazing job and my sides and arms.”

Dr. Su did an amazing job and my sides and arms. He is honest and knowledgeable. His staff were very caring and accommodating. I have recommended several people to him, including my mother. I am still getting compliments about how tone and thin my arms look now. I could not be happier with my experience or my results.

– by P.D.

“An absolutely astonishing work and a fantastic service!”

An absolutely astonishing work and a fantastic service! I had three surgeries during the course of two weeks and received really top-class treatment. The master work of Dr. Su, accompanied by brilliant assistance and service provided by the highly skilled and professional nurses, catered for a world-class liposuction experience. I am eternally grateful for the great work of Dr. Su and his excellent team. I give them my highest and warmest recommendations.

– by S.B.

“Dr Su is exceptional! Dr Su is a true visionary”

Dr Su is exceptional! Dr Su is a true visionary I believe his years of experience coupled with his art background makes him truly unique. I now have continuity where I had none my expectations are surpassed. I searched for years until I ran across his videos on you tube then his web site. I booked right then. We stopped halfway through the procedure to see how it looked; I started crying immediately because I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. Nurse Lynn has the best bedside manner she will help with any anxiety you may have. Nicole will help make all arrangements for such a personal experience. Dr Su has a wonderful team in place. Thank you Artlipo !!

– by G.P.

“Amazing Staff and doctors. Dr Su is one in a million.”

Amazing Staff and doctors. Dr Su is one in a million. I never thought lipo can give that of good results until I checked his website. I am so happy with my celebrity arms and can’t wait to show them off. If you want to do lipo either do it at Art Lipo Very fast healing. It has been only two weeks and I feel awesome! I can’t wait to show my arms off !

– by H.J.

“I would like to start by saying WOW!!!”

I would like to start by saying WOW!!! What an amazing experience from Nicole to Lynette to Nurse Angie and Nurse Lynn. I am from out town and was a bit apprehensive about having a procedure so far from home. Dr. Su and his staff did gave me clear and concise direction and support over the phone. On the day of surgery we met them for the very first time and I felt like I was treated like family. Doctor Su office is extremely professional but above all they are caring and compassionate. Doctor Su even gave me a hug after my Celebrity Arm procedure. As per my procedure I’m still healing but the results that I see are incredible and exactly what I expected, I’m home now and still receiving continuous support by phone and email from both nurses. If you are from out of town or local and considering any type of Lipo be sure to consider Dr. Su and his wonderful staff. OMG this team comes with the highest recommendation ? Dr. Su is truly an artist!!!!

– by T.F.

“Dr. Su, Ashley, Angie and Lynn were wonderful.”

I am an out of own patient and found the process of an arm consult and actual liposuction in less than two weeks to be great! Dr. Su, Ashley, Angie and Lynn were wonderful. All of our questions and concerns were addressed in a professional, caring manor. I am three days after the arm procedure and feeling very good. Some soreness, which is to be expected, but overall, not bad! Hoping to swing golf clubs soon!

– by P.H.

“The staff are amazing”

The staff are amazing, very attentive and knowledgeable about all aspects of procedure both dr.and nurse take the to explain the procedure and also everything you can expect post -op. They treat you like family resulting in a very pleasurable experience. I travelled from out of state to have my arms done and would do so again.

– by K.C.

“Dr Su and his staff was amazing”

Dr Su and his staff was amazing…my experience from the start was great the staff was professional and extremely curtious and made me feel very comfortable… Dr Su is the best by far from all other in my opinion having had several Lipo procedures done his technique and skill is unmatched to any other plastic surgeon!! I had my arms done and I am extremely satisfied and thrilled with my results and will definitely be back to have my back and waist done!! Thank you Dr Su!!

– by A.M.

“love my new ‘celebrity arms’ “

I love my new “celebrity arms”. Dr. Su did a seriously outstanding job. Very thorough, even liposuction achieved. I am so amazed at how good my arms look. I could instantly see the final result the day of my surgery then experienced normal swelling for a few weeks but things improved every day since. I am now 7 weeks post surgery and really feel awesome

– by K.Z.