Celebrity Arms Liposuction

Celebrity Arms Liposuction

Celebrity Arms is the only Complete High Definition Total Arm Liposuction that Contours the Arms and Tightens the Skin

If you’ve been wanting slimmer more contoured arms and have been looking at arm liposuction surgery, then Celebrity Arms Liposuction is the best and only choice for you!



Celebrity Arms Liposuction is a revolutionary new arm sculpting surgery that gives you totally slimmed and toned arms with defined muscles, and the sexy arm contours that most women today would love to have! Traditional arm liposuction and arm lifts only treat a small portion of the lower arm and can’t deliver anything close. Nothing else available today can give you the beautiful and complete results of Celebrity Arms Liposuction.


No other surgeons or clinics anywhere in the world are doing what we have created and perfected here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, in Tampa, Florida. We have performed Celebrity Arms on close to 1000 patients over the past 5 years with fantastic results. We are the arm surgery and arm liposuction experts and specialists and can confidently say that no other surgeons perform anywhere close to the number of arm liposuction surgeries that we do.

As hard as you may have tried to slim your arms, working out usually doesn’t get the type of results that most women want. Working out harder usually strengthens the arms and makes the muscles bigger, but not more defined. Often times the arms just look bulkier which is a major disappointment. Many women then feel that they are doing something wrong when actually it isn’t their fault at all. Genetics is the main thing to blame because it is what determines where a person stores their fat. Women, unfortunately, were genetically designed to store more fat on their arms. This layer of arm fat can often be half an inch or more. Like a winter coat, it hides the beautiful shape and definition of the arm muscles. This layer of arm fat even makes the whole upper body look heavier in many women. Even in women who are dedicated to fitness such as personal trainers and body builders, this layer of fat can often be impossible to get rid of. We see many patients like this and know that it isn’t possible for most women to get sleek defined arms without expert arm sculpting through Celebrity Arms Liposuction.

So if you are ready for an arm toning, arm contouring, muscle defining procedure that also tightens your skin, then Celebrity Arms is the best and only arm liposuction you should consider. If any other surgeon tells you they can do what we do, all you have to do is ask them to see their results. No one else can compare. Just check out our before and after galleries and videos. Our Celebrity Arms surgery is proven to give you the stars arms that have made Kelly Ripa, Michelle Obama, and others celebrities look so good.

The Difference in our Arm Liposuction is how Complete and Beautiful the Arms are Sculpted



Traditional arm liposuction, the way 99% of surgeons perform arm liposuction, removes only the lower hang of fat on the arms. Even in this restricted area, most surgeons only remove about half of the thickness. Therefore it is more of a debulking procedure. Most plastic surgeons are taught to be conservative in their liposuction fat removal because they fear the skin will sag. They also remove it conservatively from the lower portion because taking it fully may make the arm look disproportionate. Taking this limited amount of fat from the arm leaves about 60-70% remaining.

Many patients have long wondered why their plastic surgeon would leave the majority of the arm untreated and so much fat behind. The reason for this is that is how they’ve been taught for decades. Surgeons have been taught that it is impossible or unwise to do liposuction in the sides of the arms, the top of the arm, or the shoulder. Reasons given for this are that the fat layer in these areas is too fibrous and too thin and attempting to do liposuction would end up with a lumpy bumpy result. Others also wrongly assume that doing liposuction in this area would somehow be dangerous.

Celebrity Arms Liposuction is done very differently and gives tremendously advanced results. The main difference is how completely the arm is treated, encircling the entire arm and shoulder.This makes it a circumferential arm liposuction. In addition to covering the arm more completely, the thickness of fat is also removed much more completely. We usually remove about 3 times the amount of fat that other surgeons would be removing. This means your arm is the smallest it could possibly be.

What also makes this different is the extreme artistic skill and liposuction expertise that is required to reveal the arms natural contours and to do it smoothly. This is as close to sculpting as liposuction gets, since it reveals all the beautiful shapes of the arm muscles. As such, it can also be called high definition arm liposuction. Few surgeons even with proper training could meet the skill level it takes to do Celebrity Arms. Our patients start with a thicker looking arm with little or no definition and end up with a slim arm that looks toned like they’ve been working out for months. Our patients always tell us that their friends and even personal trainers are amazed and want to find out the secret to their new arms.

Skin Tightening is another benefit of Celebrity Arm Liposuction that makes it vastly different from regular arm liposuction. Sculpting fat very completely has benefits that most surgeons are not aware of. If the fat is removed only partially (50%) as done by most surgeons, it will often sag. However, when the fat is removed extremely completely (80-90%), especially close to the skin surface, the opposite happens. The skin is released from its attachment to the fat and can actually retract with its full elasticity. This is what is seen with Celebrity Arms Liposuction. When the fat is removed the skin will spring up to conform to the muscle completely or with just a tiny bit of wrinkles. 

In addition to being complete, this is a skilled artistic removal that reveals the arms natural contours. This is as close to sculpting as liposuction gets, since it creates all the beautiful shapes of the arm muscles. As such, it can also be called high definition arm liposuction. Our patients start with a thicker looking arm with little or no definition and end up with a slim arm that looks toned like they’ve been working out for months. Our patients always tell us that their friends and even personal trainers are amazed and want to find out the secret to their new arms.

 Another difference as a result of total arm liposuction is that a patient actually looks slimmer on their entire upper body. It can appear like a patient has lost 10-20lbs when only 1-2 lbs of fat are removed from their arms. This is because the outer profile of a woman’s figure is affected by her outward arm bulge which can make her look much heavier than she really is. This never happens with traditional arm lipo because none of the fat from the side of the arms is removed.

Key Differences and Benefits of Celebrity Arms Liposuction
vs. Traditional Arm Liposuction

Traditional Arm Liposuction Celebrity Arms™ Liposuction
removes fat from the arm underhang only (lower third of arm) removes fat from the entire arm and shoulder (more than 3 times traditional arm lipo)
usually removes about 30% of the fat from the arm removes fat very completely, about 90%
is a debulking procedure is a sculpting procedure
reveals no muscle definition or contours creates defined toned looking muscles
does not tighten skin, and can leave it looser leaves skin tighter
done under general anesthesia or awake done awake, patient can see their results immediately
  patients look like they are thinner in general


Who is a candidate for Celebrity Arms™?

Celebrity Arms can be performed on a wide range of patients. We have patients from age 18 to 60, although the average is 30 to 40 years old. Age often brings with it looser skin and that is the most important factor which prevents patients from having this surgery. We commonly treat patients with a fair amount of sagging in which the skin will tighten very well. However, the skin cannot have too much looseness or wrinkle too easily, else there could be much more wrinkling evident afterwards. Dr. Su assesses each patient for their skin quality before doing a surgery to determine what risk of wrinkling there may be. While a small amount of wrinkling is acceptable to many patients, the possibility of moderate to severe wrinkles is not. That would make a Celebrity Arm Lift a better option.

As far as amount of fat, patients can have a small amount to a large amount of fat. Having a small amount means less change in arm volume and less skin to retract. Having more thickness usually means a bigger change in appearance and volume, but more need for skin retraction. So a patient with lots of fat can be treated with very good results, but must have healthier, elastic skin to start with.

From a health perspective, all patients much be in relatively good health. This means no major heart or lung problems and no significant metabolic disorders. Those with any type of bleeding disorders are generally not candidates. Since this is purely an elective aesthetic surgery, we must always take safety in mind before all else.

What is the Process Like Being Awake?


Having a patient awake is necessary and one of the keys of performing Celebrity Arms Liposuction. Dr. Su relies on his patients to participate during the surgery to help him achieve the best control. Patients are required to hold their arms in certain positions and keep them tense at times during the surgery. It’s like being in a boot camp at times with Dr. Su acting as the personal trainer. The goals for lean fit arms are the same, but the results happen before your eyes. This process of muscle tensing is a trademark method called Interactive Liposuction created by Dr. Su (find out more about Interactive Lipo).

The first step performed before sculpting can take place is the numbing with a local anesthetic called lidocaine. Most patients find the numbing process annoying and weird, even a little stingy at times. However, this part of the surgery where the lidocaine solution is dispersed into the fat layer is very well tolerated. It usually takes about 30 minutes for the medication to take full effect.

Once everything is fully numbed. You will be asked to move your body and arms into multiple different positions and the arm tensing begins. The liposuction instrument called a cannula is used to break the fat free and suction it away. Having tense muscles under the fat allows it to be grabbed, and manipulated much more accurately and smoothly. The feel of the fat layer and the way the cannula is moved through it is also much more precise when the muscles are tensed.

After most of the fat is sculpted away, you will stand up in front of a mirror to assess the results. Immediately you will see a new skinny arm and a beautiful new shape. Standing and moving the arm in different positions you and Dr. Su will see where there may still be fat remaining. Dr. Su will mark any of these areas and then have you lay back down to fully treat all areas until the arm is perfectly and completely sculpted.

How is the Recovery?

Patients will be very sore after the surgery as the local anesthetic lidocaine wears off. However, compared to general anesthesia where the numbing ends when the surgery is over, local anesthetics wear off very slowly. With local anesthetic, the numbing will take hours to go away, allowing time for pain killers to kick in. We prescribe narcotic pain killers to keep you comfortable, but Tylenol is used by some patients who don’t have as much discomfort. You will need to wear a compressive arm garment for 2 weeks that is made of a spandex like material. Moving your arms will be sore for up to a few weeks, but much less week by week. Your arms will have swelling that reaches its maximum within 7-10 days. Even with the maximum swelling your arms will still look smaller and contoured, but they will feel stiff. You will not get to see your full results again, until all the swelling goes away, which takes 3 months or more. Compared to other parts of the body, many patients don’t swell as much with arm surgery and still look great within a few weeks. Everyone differs in this regard.

Cost of Celebrity Arms Liposuction

The cost of Celebrity Arms™ Liposuction is higher than the cost of traditional arm liposuction, but when you compare the fantastic results that you get, it is completely worth it. The ultra completeness, the beautiful defined shape, and the unbelievable skin tightening all put Celebrity Arms in a totally different class. It is like comparing a Ferrari to a Ford. The skill required to accomplish this type of beautiful sculpting on the arms is also at a mastery level that few surgeons in the world possess. The knowledge to even perform this surgery is only known by Dr. Su it’s inventor and Dr. Gruber who trained under him. You can’t find this surgery anywhere else in the world besides Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery.

The cost of Celebrity Arms starts at 8000 for smaller arms and is upwards of 10000 for larger arms. The charge can be higher for more complex cases such as redo arm liposuction, or looser skin. There are extra charges for additional areas such as the upper back, arm pit, frontal bra bulges, and forearms.

For comparison purposes, the traditional arm liposuction treating only the under hang averages 3000-4000. This is treating only about one third of the arm and is not high definition and creates no contouring or skin tightening. This is the cost you will pay for even a novice surgeon who is not very skilled in liposuction.

A brachioplasty or traditional arm lift is also good for comparison. The cost for this surgery is 8000-12000 on average. This surgery only treats the under hang of the arm, gives no slimming of the rest of the arm, and creates no muscle definition. The results don’t come close in comparing to Celebrity Arms in terms of completeness or beauty.


  • Liposuction is a fat removal surgery that has been performed since the 1980’s. Contrary to what it sounds like the fat is not removed or shaped by suction alone. The instrument known as a cannula used in liposuction is a long thin tube with holes near its end. It is about the thickness and length of a chopstick. It is by friction and scraping with the end of the cannula that the fat is broken free and then removed through suction into a canister. This process would be better compared to sculpting where every stroke counts rather than suctioning of a liquid where everything would smooth itself out. Knowing this it should make sense that liposuction that is done irregularly will leave an irregular or lumpy bumpy surface.


    Although there are many types of liposuction these days being marketed. They are all basically the same when it comes down to how the fat is removed. It always comes down to removal through a cannula, where the final shape is created by the surgeon handling the cannula. Although lasers and waterjets and other fancy sounding devices are being marketed in liposuction, none of these things will give a good results if the surgeon is not good.


    The main difference in liposuction then is whether it is done awake or asleep. Although liposuction in the early years was more popular done asleep, that trend has changed tremendously in the last 10 years and now is done more awake than asleep.

  • The answer is that any surgeon can do this if they have the right techniques and skills  that allows them to overcome the obstacles. Celebrity Arms Liposuction is liposuction done using the same instruments as other surgeons, but the difference is in how it is done. Dr. Su uses a method that he developed and is the first to describe. It is called Interactive Liposuction and it is done with a patient awake and participating. The key to creating Celebrity Arms is that the patient holds their arms tensed in different positions. This allows Dr. Su to feel the muscle contours and sculpt along them with precision and in a more controlled manner. The sides of the arms and shoulder can be very fibrous and difficult to control when a patient is asleep andmuscles are relaxed, but it is a much different situation when a patient holds their muscle tensed. Even when using the Interactive Lipo Method, the arms can still be more difficult than other areas, but that is where having a very skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Su makes the difference.

  • Although it is possible for some women to achieve the firm and toned arm look that many celebrities have, it is a very difficult thing unless you are born with the right genetics. Even then, it can still take a lot of dedication to diet and exercise.  However, for the majority of women, who often are doing all the right things with diet and exercise, a slim, toned, and defined look is still impossible. This is because the muscle contours are easily hidden by even a small layer of fat. This fat sits over the muscles like a coat or sweater and obscures the beautiful contours of a woman’s arms. This is a problem mainly for women, because genetically, women tend to store more fat on their arms than men. It only takes a quarter inch of fat to hide the muscle contours in most women. Many women have a half inch of fat thickness or more.

    Most of the women who come to us have tried many different arm exercise routines over the years, and many spend hours in the gym each week. They often work out with personal trainers that tell them to be patient or work harder. These women get stronger bigger arms, but don’t get the slimness or definition that they wish for. The problem with working out the arms, is that it doesn’t burn the fat layer from the arms. It burns fat from the entire body. The fat that is covering up the muscles on the arms may only be a pound on each side, but the body usually doesn’t give up this arm fat even when a woman loses 10 pounds or more.

    Stop torturing yourself if you’ve been trying the arm work out routines for years without the results. Call Dr. Su and save yourself a lot of frustration. Quite a few of our clients themselves are personal trainers or have competed in fitness and beauty competitions and still could not manage to maintain the slim defined arms except when they were dieting maximally for their competition. Our patients often tell us they wished they had come to us sooner instead of wasting so much time and effort on other measures. 

  • Almost all women getting Celebrity Arms will have a significant increase in the amount of muscle tone that is visible in their arms. The degree of that muscle tone, however, depends on what a woman has to begin with. A woman who has a lot of muscles beneath her fat will have more definition revealed than a woman who never works out. This procedure reveals muscle, it does not artificially create muscle or muscle contours. Fortunately all our patients will have some degree of muscle tone even if they don’t work out.

  • Celebrity Arms™ liposuction works for women even with a large amount of fat on their arms. The goals for someone who is significantly overweight in general may be different than someone who has a slim or medium torso. A patient who is significantly overweight may be better off having a conservative removal without going for a high definition muscle contouring. We’ll still do a complete sculpting and slimming around the entire arm. However, we might not sculpt it to the degree of showing a lot of muscle definition if the rest of the body is not at that same level.

  • Celebrity Arms™ does create a lot of skin tightening compared to traditional arm liposuction. However, it does not tighten skin completely when there is very loose skin to begin with. To get an accurate idea of what is possible you would require a consultation with the doctor. Some patients will be better off with a traditional arm lift or brachioplasty. Other patients may benefit from a combination of both procedures. If you have a very large amount of loose skin, you can find more information on a traditional arm lift in the page for Celebrity Arm Lift.

  • Liposuction done awake has been around for more than 30 years, and is known as tumescent liposuction. The basic principle of tumescent liposuction is that it uses a local anesthetic called lidocaine to numb theareas to be treated and the patient can remain awake. This is a much safer form of doing liposuction compared to using general anesthesia and putting a patient to sleep. Awake liposuction is also faster to recover from because there is less trauma.

    Interactive Liposuction™ invented by Dr. Su, takes tumescent liposuction but goes a step further. Instead of a patient being passive during their surgery, the patient is required to do a lot of body positioning and holding their muscles tensed. The term “interactive” implies that the patient and doctor work together, and that is what it is all about. The patient’s tensing of their body gives the doctor a firm object and surface on which to sculpt. Instead of a relaxed body which has floppy fat, and soft muscles, there is a hard underlying muscle surface which improves the feel of the fat, and stops it from being floppy and hard to control. When a patient holds their arm firmly in different positions, the fat on the arm becomes more comparable to sculpting on a firm surface such as wood that is being held in a clamp. This makes liposuction much more controlled where accurate sculpting can take place.

    In addition to having greater sculpting control, Dr. Su’s patients are asked to stand up after sculpting has been done to check for accuracy. Muscle and fat changes shape when someone lays down and this makes it impossible to see many sculpting mistakes or incompleteness. Only with standing up and moving the arm in different positions, can a surgeon see many of the lumps, bumps, or bulges that are hidden from view with a patient lying down. Therefore, this extra step that Dr. Su takes by standing his patients up during surgery allows him to see any areas still requiring work and to correct them with laying his patient back down. It is all these advantages in the Interactive Liposuction™ method that gives Dr. Su the artistic advantages he needs to overcome the difficulties of sculpting all the way around the arm which has been impossible in the past for other surgeons.

  • Celebrity Arms™ leads to a significant skin tightening effect not seen with liposuction done by most other surgeons. In fact, most surgeons not knowing or seeing Celebrity Arms™ would likely state that skin cannot tighten in the manner that Dr. Su often achieves. Many of the patients that Dr. Su has treated successfully have been told by other surgeons that they would need skin cut away with an arm lift/tuck. However, these same patients have had very good retraction of their skin after Celebrity Arms™ with nothing left hanging. In most cases of medium to large sized arms with fair skin elasticity there will be no skin looseness. However, patients with easy skin wrinkling or large skin hangs would not get a complete skin retraction and thus are not good candidates for Celebrity Arms™. 

    The secret of skin tightening if described in detail would be a topic requiring a whole article in itself. However, the basic idea can be summed up easily. Completeness of sculpting is the key, especially complete removal of fat right up to the skin surface. This type of liposuction has been called “superficial liposuction” and has been described and perfected by only a very few doctors over the last 30 years. Doing superficial liposuction absolutely gives a tremendous amount of skin retraction. However, only with highly skilled and smooth sculpting will the skin look good afterwards. If it is not done smoothly, then the retraction will lead to a lumpy bunched up look.

    Currently, however, the concept and benefits of superficial liposuction are only known by a small number of surgeons. For most surgeons, the idea of sculpting completely to achieve skin tightening is completely opposite to the common belief that taking away more fat will lead to more skin looseness. There is actually truth to both sides, but it is a paradox that skin can actually get looser before it gets tighter when the fat is completely removed. Today, most surgeons are taught to take fat from the deeper layer of fat and to strictly avoid any superficial liposuction. They are told that superficial liposuction is dangerous or that it will leave lumpy results. Over the decades, surgeons have only been taught the dangers of superficial liposuction, and have not been taught of the benefits of skin tightening that will result. By following the usual teachings and only removing deeper fat, most surgeons never realize the amazing retraction that happens when the surface fat layer is  fully removed. 

    Many patients often ask if Dr. Su uses lasers, ultrasound, or other energy treatments that are available today to supposedly help tighten the skin. The answer is no. Dr. Su as a liposuction specialist has used the Smart Lipo laser, VASER ultrasound and multiple other technologies in his past practice but did not see any significant skin tightening that these technologies promise to create. The hype surrounding these technologies are unfounded since there is barely a noticeable difference in the skin tightening that their studies actually show. Dr. Su’s results, however, using superficial liposuction in all body areas especially in arms and abdomen shows skin retraction that even the untrained eye can see and find amazing.  

  • Celebrity Arms™ is safer than all other types of liposuction surgery in several ways. Compared to liposuction under general anesthesia, it is much safer because local anesthetics don’t carry the risk of general anesthetics. It is safer also because when patients are awake they can tense their muscles for Dr. Su. Having the feel of the muscle below significantly reduces the chance that the muscle will be hit by the cannula and injured. Also when doing awake liposuction, we use smaller cannulas that generally cause less trauma, bruising, and bleeding resulting in a much quicker recovery.

  • The results of Celebrity Arms Liposuction are very lasting. You likely will never see any significant fat return in your arms unless you were to gain a large amount of weight. Most patients that never had any visible muscle contours will see them after the surgery. They will continue to enjoy seeing them even if they are not working out. This is because all women have some muscle shape and contours from normal activities. They were just covered by the fat layer which we remove.

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