Celebrity Arm Lift

Celebrity Arm Lift

Arm Lifts (Traditional) Cut Away Loose Skin from the Under Arm Hang, but don’t slim or contour the rest of the arm

If you are a woman who has suffered from sagging arms and loose skin, then an arm lift is probably the best surgery for you. An arm lift is also the same thing as an arm tuck or brachioplasty.  The traditional arm lift, which has been around for more than half a century, basically works by cutting away the loose skin and fat on the under hang of the arm. What this type of surgery does not do, is get rid of any fat or thickness on the sides, or top of the arm and shoulders. As a result, women who have these arm lifts, often lose the hang, but have a lot of bulkiness on the rest of the upper arm. This may be an improvement for some, but still does not give the slim or contoured look that most women desire. Also, there is a large scar to deal with. 

The way an arm lift is performed is by cutting away all of the hanging skin and fat beneath it. The edges are then brought together and stitched. There are many different ways that a surgeon can create the excision, but generally the excision will be lengthwise along the inner aspect of the arm. Depending on the extent of the looseness, the amount of skin removed will vary and will create a small to a very long suture line. Incision scars on brachioplasties also have a high likelihood of widening which makes them even more visible and unsightly.

This is the main drawback of the surgery since many women refuse to have a large visible scar on the inside of their arm. There are options for scar placement and some approaches allow it to be well hidden. Each surgeon has his or her own preferences. Some other major considerations are that this is a surgery which requires patients to be under general anesthesia, and sometimes to have drains. The recovery can also be a difficult process with moderate to severe discomfort for weeks following the surgery.


Unfortunately, Alternatives to the Traditional Arm Lift Have not Existed in the Past

Until now, there has been no other way to effectively get rid of loose skin or that under arm hang. Although some of the newer technologies in cosmetic medicine attempt to tighten skin through lasers, ultrasonic energy, or other means, they are not really effective and are a waste of your time. Working out and improving the diet are partially effective sometimes. However, rarely will these things get rid of a larger amount of loose skin or arm fat. Liposuction done in the traditional way does get rid of some fat, but usually leads to more hanging skin. Women with hanging fat and skin, therefore, have had only two options. Get an arm lift, or learn to live with the hang.

The New Celebrity Arm Lift is an Exciting Alternative for Getting Rid of Loose Skin and also Getting Contoured Arms

The Celebrity Arm Lift is a revolutionary procedure because it does so much more than a traditional arm lift. In addition to getting rid of the fat and loose skin on the underhang of the arm, this surgery is also very complete in removing fat from the rest of the upper arm. The Celebrity Arm Lift also creates an athletic shape that follows the natural contours of the muscles leaving the arms very toned in appearance. You get all of these benefits, so much more than a traditional arm lift, and best of all, there is no cutting, and you are awake!

If you have read about Celebrity Arms Liposuction, then you are likely thinking, this sounds a lot alike. That is because, the Celebrity Arm Lift is much of the same process or procedure as Celebrity Arm Liposuction. It resulted as an evolution and advancement of the same techniques and methods that are used in Celebrity Arms Liposuction, however certain aspects were emphasized and improved.

One of the most unique aspects of Celebrity Arms Liposuction is that it tightens skin on the arms, whereas traditional arm liposuction leaves skin looking looser. In the early years of doing this procedure, Dr. Su treated women mostly with moderate to larger amounts of fat, but mainly with tighter skin. Some of his earlier patients had looser skin but not as many. The results Dr. Su produced always had good skin tightening, but some the patients with looser skin did have some wrinkles in the arm pit and lower hang areas.

After Dr. Gruber joined the practice, she was able to offer the option of a surgical arm lift for patients that had looser or wrinkly skin after their liposuction. What resulted was a lot of patients with larger arms, larger hangs, and looser skin presenting to the practice. These patients were given liposuction with the understanding that they may need skin cut away afterwards for the best results. However, to everyone’s surprise, few of the patients needed any skin cut away. In most of these patients, the skin tightened almost completely with only a small amount of wrinkling or looseness, and the whole brachioplasty (skin cutting) was avoided. The patients were very pleased with the major lift and slimming by liposuction alone.

The Celebrity Arms Liposuction therefore evolved into the Celebrity Arm Lift with the advent of a few adjustments and enhancements for patients with larger or looser arms. For other plastic surgeons, a patient with over 1 inch of hanging fat and looser skin is almost immediately told that a brachioplasty is their only option. At our practice, the Celebrity Arm Lift without cutting and liposuction alone can treat patients with up to a 2 inch plus hang with skin looseness and still expect to get almost full skin tightening. Some patients will have wrinkles and a small amount of skin hanging, but generally at least a 70% reduction of the hang. Our skin tightening is completely the opposite of the commonly held belief that skin should hang more, not less after liposuction. These results are unheard of in the plastic surgery world and most plastic surgeons would not even believe this is possible.

In conclusion, the Celebrity Arm Lift is liposuction, but done in a revolutionary skin tightening way. Although similar to the Celebrity Arm Liposuction for smaller patients, the Celebrity Arm Lift is much more complete on the lower hang causing it to have even more tightening effect. In many cases, it will be able to replace the traditional arm lift, with much better overall results in shaping, slimming, and tightening. It will not have the objectionable scar and will be done fully awake without general anesthesia. For those patients who still need more tightening, or have a more extreme amount of hang to start with, there is still the option of a brachioplasty at a later date. We recommend a brachioplasty to wait at least 5 months for the liposuction portion to fully heal and tighten.

Who is a Good Candidate?

In order to get great results from the Celebrity Arm Lift (liposuction only), a woman must have a moderate to larger amount of fat with her underarm hang. If there is only a small amount of fat in the underhang, with a larger amount of loose skin, then there will not be as much potential for the skin tightening to occur. The exact amount of skin hang that can be treated (measured by inches) is hard to say exactly. If it is less than 2 inches, there is a good chance for no skin cutting to be needed. However, if the hang is 3 inches or more there will almost definitely be a hanging skin and severe wrinkles remaining which would necessitate a brachioplasty as a second step in the process. The in between cases, are more difficult to assess just by measurement alone. Dr. Su and Dr. Gruber would need to assess your arm by photos, and even better in person to feel and grab the arm hang and to get a feel the skin’s elasticity.

What Can I Expect Prior to Surgery?


You will need a consultation either in person, or long distance via email and photos. After your consultation is completed and it is determined that you are a good candidate, you will start the process of paperwork and instructions with one of our surgical coordinators. You will have a preoperative evaluation of your medical history and problems to avoid any risks. You will also have an evaluation with labs and possibly an EKG, and a physical exam. Any use of aspirin, ibuprofen, or anti-inflammatory pain medications will need to be stopped in advance to avoid bleeding. In some cases, you may need to visit your primary care doctor for evaluation prior to being given an okay for surgery.

How is the Recovery for the Celebrity Arm Lift?

Recovery can be moderate in terms of discomfort and downtime. Pain can be severe for the first few days and mild to moderate for a few weeks.  Most patients will require some type of narcotic pain medication to control their symptoms for a few days but can then take Tylenol after that. Activities requiring significant arm exertion will need to be restricted for at least a month or possibly longer. Most patients will need to be off of a sedentary job for a few days.  A compressive garment will also need to be worn for 2-4 weeks. Full healing can be expected around 6 months, although it will be looking pretty nice within 1-2 months.

How much does the Celebrity Arm Lift Cost?

The Celebrity Arm Lift cost is higher than the Celebrity Arm Liposuction on average sized patients because the lift procedure involves quite a bit more fat removal in all areas. It also requires getting the fat layer next to the skin much thinner which is much more time consuming and skill intensive. The cost varies with each individual case, because on some patients it is necessary to extend the sculpting further into the upper back, and on some patients we need to extend into forearms. An approximate price for the basic larger arm with a large hang is about 10,000. Additional areas such as the upper back can add 2,000 or more. These prices do vary, and it is important for you to have an evaluation either in person, or by emailing your photos to get an exact price for the arms and any adjacent areas to be added.


  • Partial Arm Lift– This type of arm lift addresses just a small portion of loose hanging skin. It can be a hang that is pronounced near the arm pit area, or in less common cases, looseness pronounced toward the elbow. In either case, the area of skin excision does not extend all the way up and down the upper arm, only partially.

    Standard Arm Lift – This is the most common scenario. It involves cutting away looseness that starts at the arm pit and extends down to the elbow. 

    Extended Arm Lift–This type of arm lift may extend beyond the limits of the standard type. The area of skin removed may extend past the armpit into the upper back region, or past the elbow a few inches into the forearm.

  • Many patients ask if diet or exercise will tighten skin. The answer in most cases is no. There is not an exercise for tightening the skin, and better nutrition generally does not help the skin either. What are other alternatives are there in the world of cosmetic medicine? In the past few years many different lasers, radiofrequency, and ultrasound devices have hit the cosmetic market to offer non-invasive skin tightening. Through the use of some type of injury to the skin, these devices are hoping to cause the skin to tighten. However, most have not proven to be of any significant benefit. Many of them have come and gone, fading out of existence when they fail to prove themselves to doctors and consumers. However, more and more continue to hit the market place. Our opinion and advice at Artistic Lipo is that these devices offer little improvement and to ask any clinic that is offering these treatments to show lots of good before and after results. But be sure to ask to see real results that were created at that clinic. All to often the sales consultant at the clinic will show before and after photos given to them from the company that sold the device. These pictures are always suspicious and even if they are real are not likely to be the average results. If you have a significant hang of skin on your arm, then having it surgically removed is the only way we would advise to do this.

  • Arm lifts or tucks are not meant to reveal muscle definition. They are meant to get rid of hanging skin. If a patient has mostly loose skin with a very thin fat layer then the biceps and shoulder muscle should already be slightly visible in contour. In this case, the result after a brachioplasty will look like a tight arm with some muscle contours. However, in most cases where there is a moderate to large thickness of fat along with a hang, there will be no muscle contours or definitions seen afterwards.

  • One of the concerns patient have when getting an arm lift is the scar that remains. It is a scar that most of the time runs from the arm pit to the elbow. The placement of the scar, however, varies from surgeon to surgeon. There are many different techniques or methods of doing this surgery and each surgeon has their preferences. In most cases the scar will be placed along the inner aspect of the arm where it lies against the body when a person is standing up. This way the scar is not visible from the back. However, it is visible when a patient raises the arm up to wave hello. Another method is to place the scar a little lower half way between the inner aspect and the posterior (or lower aspect) of the arm. In this position it is still hard to see from the back, but also hard to see when a person raises their arm to wave. Your surgeon will use different techniques of closing the incision and supporting it to achieve the best healing.

  • Results for arm lift surgery are very lasting. It would be very unusual for someone to develop new loose skin again, but not impossible. They would have to gain a large amount of weight again and then lose it. Fat, however, can continue to accumulate in the arm if someone is gaining weight. It is important to maintain a healthy weight to keep the best results.

  • Complications, fortunately, are not common. However, they include the usual infection, bleeding, and wound scarring that are possible with all types of cosmetic surgery. Drains are sometimes necessary for fluid build up in the area known as a seroma. The most common type of problem is the skin around the wound being stretched too much and causing a much larger and wider scar. This is a problem that can be minimized by choosing the best experienced and skilled surgeon.

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