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Celebrity Arms Liposuction is the World’s Best Arm Liposuction

Having beautiful arms is becoming ever more popular and more important to women. Looking at celebrities and female stars arms these days, it is apparent that women want to have not only slimmer arms, but want to have a toned and contoured look that shows some muscle definition also. Most women in their attempts to improve their arms have tried numerous arm strengthening exercises and different diets to become slimmer and more defined. However, most women don’t ever come close to achieving the look they desire. 


In recent years, many women have looked into cosmetic or plastic surgery for solutions for their arms. Until now, the choices have been limited with either traditional arm liposuction or arm lifts/tucks being the only two surgeries available.  Unfortunately, neither of these arm surgeries have really been effective in giving women any contouring or sculpting of the arms. You see, both of these surgeries only address the lower hang of the arm. When there is more fat on the lower hang of the arm, traditional arm liposuction can remove some of this fat, but it doesn’t tighten the skin and this could be left hanging. The traditional arm lift/tuck also only addresses the lower hang of the arm, but is more effective when there is mostly loose skin. Because neither of these surgeries treats the fat on the sides or the top of the arms, or the shoulders, these areas can be left looking very bulky and disproportionately larger when the lower hang is reduced. Women having the traditional arm liposuction or arm lift will not get a sculpted or athletic toned look from these surgeries and are often disappointed.


Celebrity Arms Liposuction is completely different and is a new and exciting way of doing arm liposuction. Celebrity Arms is revolutionary because it is the first liposuction surgery of the arms to treat the total arms including the lower hangs, sides, upper arms, shoulders, and even some of the upper back. In addition to covering all these areas, this is liposuction done in a Ultra Complete High Definition approach. This means that almost 90% of the fat is being removed and sculpted in a way to reveal muscle contours. Doing arm liposuction completely in this way, creates the most beautiful sculpted arm compared to any other arm surgery. Amazingly it also gives a tremendous amount of skin tightening. This leaves women with a total slimness and muscle toned look that they have never ever seen before. Celebrity Arms surgery is the only cosmetic arm surgery that can do this, and it actually can achieve the look of stars arms like Kelly Ripa, Angelina Jolie, and former first lady Michelle Obama. 


Celebrity Arms is so special because it achieves something that cosmetic and plastic surgeons never thought was possible. This amazing arm surgery has taken years to develop and perfect and is exclusively offered at the clinic, Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida where it was created. Because of the intricate nature of the surgery and the artistry required to perform it, this is not a surgery that other plastic surgeons will be able to learn easily or perfect without extensive training. 

An Artistic Approach to Arm Sculpting Surgery is the difference

Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery is a plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic that has two of the most skilled and artistic surgeons in the country, Dr. Thomas Su, M.D. and Dr. Meegan Gruber, M.D.. The name itself was aptly chosen because of the belief that plastic surgery needs to start with an artistic eye and mindset. Although many plastic surgeons speak of being “artistic” most have not had a single art course in drawing or sculpting of the human body, it’s just not required in medical school. There is a vast difference between plastic surgeons when it comes to their results and this is dependent entirely on their artistic and surgical skills.


Dr. Su is a cosmetic surgeon who founded Artistic Liposuction in 2006 and began the practice as a clinic specializing in only liposuction and dedicated to providing the most complete and beautiful liposuction results. Dr. Su’s background as an artist with a Fine Arts Major, and a special interest in figure drawing and sculpting provided the impetus for innovations to perfecting liposuction as an art instead of the general debulking mentality that many surgeons have regarding this surgery. Like any fine artist or sculptor, a desire for perfection leads to improved skills and new techniques. Dr. Su has come up with a number of groundbreaking techniques that led to the creation of Celebrity Arms. These include Interactive Lipo, Skin Tightening Lipo, and Ultra Complete High Definition Lipo. He has also mastered liposuction on all areas including highly delicate areas like the Cankles that only a few other surgeons in the world will treat. Dr. Su is a recognized speaker and expert at several national cosmetic surgery societies on the topic of liposuction. (READ MORE ABOUT DR. SU)


Dr. Gruber is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in all forms of cosmetic surgery. She was introduced to the practice in 2016 and the name was changed to Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery. She has over 12 years of experience in arm liposuction and arm lift surgery and has trained extensively with Dr. Su in his advanced techniques of liposuction specifically Celebrity Arms Liposuction. Dr. Gruber was chosen for her exceptional plastic surgery results and her artistic ability. Amazingly, Dr. Gruber also has a background in drawing, painting, and sculpting which led to her earning a Fine Arts Minor in college. Since joining the practice, she has not only become very adept at Celebrity Arms Liposuction, but has even created several improvements to the procedure. Her desire for perfection in her surgery results also drives her on to continually find ways to improve her processes and skills. Since joining the practice she has pushed Celebrity Arms Liposuction to the boundaries to include patients with significant loose skin that previously would have only been candidates for arm lift surgery. However, with the tremendous amount of skin retraction seen in many of these patients, cutting away skin has become unnecessary. Dr. Gruber has also melded the intricacies of Celebrity Arms Liposuction with doing arm lift surgery to create what we now call the Celebrity Arm Lift. 


Before & After

We have the most extensive Before and After Gallery of Arm Liposuction anywhere. You won’t see examples of arm transformations like this by any other doctor. Our gallery is divided into Small, Medium, and Large to help you find the best comparable patients to yourself. In addition, many of our patients have videos in their galleries so that you can hear the testimonial of their experience and see their results immediately after surgery.

Dr. Su did an amazing job and my sides and arms. He is honest and knowledgeable. His staff were very caring and accommodating. I have recommended several people to him, including my mother. I am still getting compliments about how tone and thin my arms look now. I could not be happier with my experience or my results. P.D.

Arm Lift – Getting rid of the Hang with or without Cutting Away Skin

Until now, arm lifts have been the only arm surgery for those patients with looser hanging skin. In the traditional arm lift or arm tuck, skin is cut away from the lower hang of the arm and then tucked together. There has been no other way to address skin looseness on the arm. Plastic surgeons often tell a patient with even slightly loose skin that liposuction is not an option because the skin will sag more. They often will advise patients with mild to moderate looseness that cutting away the hang is the only good option. The drawback is that there is almost always a noticeable large scar. There is also the fat remaining on the sides and top of the arm which continue to leave it looking bulky.


The revolutionary Celebrity Arm Lift is a surgical breakthrough that allows many patients that would have needed arm lifts in the past to get liposuction only and still have the skin hang disappear. This is a surgery that will also create a slimming in all the areas that traditional lipo could not, including the sides and top of the arm as well as the shoulder. Unbelievably, the hang will mostly or completely disappear because there is a specific way in which liposuction is done with Celebrity Arms that creates a tremendous amount of skin tightening.


In cases where there is a lot of fat and a severe looseness of the skin which cannot retract fully, the Celebrity Arm Liposuction is performed first to expertly eliminate fat from all areas. Then the arm is allowed to heal for 6 months, during which retraction will naturally occur to its fullest. Then, whatever skin hang and looseness remains can be removed with a much more minimal trauma and scar to the skin. Often the scar is much shorter and much less visible because it is not under tension when healing.


The end result besides incredible non surgical skin retraction, is that muscle contours are revealed all the way around the arm for a total arm contouring and sculpting. This truly is something never before possible in the realm of cosmetic surgery. We have had many patients with skin hangs on the lower portion of the arm up to 2 inches that have retracted/disappeared completely. There are varying degrees of wrinkles remaining, but most of the time acceptable to the patient compared to a brachioplasty scar. 

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Patients looking for the best arm liposuction with the most beautiful results come from all over the world for Celebrity Arm sculpting by Dr. Su. Since no one else in the world can offer these results Tampa, Florida is a place you’ll want to visit. Our consultations are simple and done by photos, emails, and over the phone. Getting the arms you want is as easy as a flight in and 2 night’s stay, with your flight home the day after surgery. Many patients also add other areas since Dr. Su is also one of the country’s best liposuction experts in all areas of the body.

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